Sunday, August 5, 2007

have you ever wondered why cricket is still the most popular sport of the nation???

despite a miserable world cup in the windies;
despite internal scandals so ugly that they even extinguish your fire for gossip;
despite the current team actuallly being a bunch of individuals loosely bound by a thread called a "team- manager";
despite the embarrasment after embarrasment we- the cricket-watchin-public face after each poundin loss...

WHY is cricket....arguably...but STILL a phenomenon in our country..?

why do those colleg students sneak in smses every over durin an india-IRELAND encounter.?
why do spectacled office-goers still tune onto the radios on their moile phones under the hawk-eyes of their higher officials..?
why does the frugal tea-shop owner bring with him to work a miniature tv set evryday?
why do the men workin at a nearby constuction site flock into that tea shop durin their ten-minute lunch break?
why do sari-clad middle-aged women pray fervently that MS.dhoni hits a sixer?

well...if you ask me...watchin cricket is a lot like being in love.
the heart-stoppin excitement;the shatterin anguish.the delights;the disappointments.the thrills;the heart-breaks.
the joy.the laughter.
the pain.

so?what makes the game so special?

in a nation starved of success in sport...a sachin tendulkar is not jus a star;he is the SUN.
in a country that shelterd gandhi and housed ahimsa....a gnarling,bare-chested saurav ganguly is an inspiration;a wonder.
in a land governed by aging,murky men in white...a fourteen year old gully-cricket player is a reason to pride;to beam.

in an is but a source of "HOPE".

we are not and probably never will be the greatest cricketin nation in the world..n other sports might take over cricket in popularity.
but for will ALWAYS remain a reason to smile.

to say " is only a game..!!" is almost ridiculous.
to call cricket a 'religion' is too cliched,
to call it a 'rage' seems too inadequate,
to call it a "celeberation of life" itself sounds jus right.
that i have'nt posted anything on what was and maybe still is probably my biggest passion is quite surprising..not jus for me..but for those who know me really well. talkin bout cricket.

why a sport like cricket should be a teenage girl's PASSION....above all other things....crossin the boundaries of mascarra n lip gloss n pretty models n leather pumps n celery stalks;is rather dumbfoundin.

i remember wen i was eleven years old sighin at the television screen and wonderin how two dozen sweaty men in drab uniforms chasin after an ever-evadin ball could hold the non-flinchin attention of bout twenty supposedly civilised adults in my drawin room.

i also remember seein those very people jump up like hooligans and n scream n curse n rant n rave.
well....that was when i started to wonder...and look where its got me now..!

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