Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sometimes, jus sometimes, the adult in each one of us wakes up, worries, prepares, n plans for what lies ahead.
This pseudo-serious you/me “VISUALISES“.
The child inside though, continues to dream.:):)

Surprisingly, most of us, turn out to posses a certain sense of social responsibility & pride, and at some point in our lives, we may have dreamt of an ideal nation , or atleast cribbed about how we are n wondered if we could ever be….

To a social worker, an ideal India is one bereft of poverty & devoid of disease.

I’m no such activist ;
I am, only a young dream talking.

Through my eyes I only see,
A nation where the poor manage to laugh, and the rich bow down to cry ;
A nation where children learn whilst they study ;
A nation where the souls speaks and the lips merely mouth; where the eyes dance and the feet merely move;
A nation that is a colorful collage of astounding similarities within celebrated differences.
A nation that smiles through tears and strives for success;
A nation that fights until she falls ;
A nation that rises every time she lays!!

A country where,
Safety is secure, and peace wholesome ;

Where religion is revered and each life treasured ;
Where God is love, and love, unbidden.
Where passion is searing, and every celebration a festivity ;

A country where,
Equality is a given, and corruption unheard of ;
Where happiness is rapturous, and sorrow cursed upon ;
Where truth is a vow, and betrayal, sin!!

A land where,
Laughter booms and tears dry;
Where a smile redeems and, hope reigns supreme!

A country that promises to never dilute it’s essence with western influx;
A nation of orange tigers and incense sticks and spice;
A nation of silk sarees and heavy gold and jasmine flowers;
A country of vivid colours, and beautiful women;
A land of liquid sunshine and bamboo trees and cloth cradles on coconut palms!!

A land that vows to forever stay, INDIA.:)

A country ,
Where pride is fire;
Where spirit is DUTY;
Where freedom is fearless;
Where fragrance is….SOIL!!

And this is me- a mere dream.
A young dream.
A dream that ought not to be crushed by indifference.
A dream that ought not to be trampled by ignorance.

Together, we can architect a beautiful, beautiful nation;
Together, we can rejoice!
Together, we can start living.

Tomorrow, let each one of us awaken to a brand new millennium.., eight years after it‘s .actual occurrence.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Black, i bleed! dark, i see!
why is it only gloom around me?

i pretend to smile, all heart n no guile!!
i shut my eyes, somebody roll the dice!!
then unfolds the game, and i lose all hope!!
somebody save me from the blame!! somebody save me from the rope!!

while I'm wading through this neck-deep slush;
i wonder if i will again see a raspberry blush!!

all my dreams, will they crush?
or destiny, will her sweet hands brush?

my life, in colours will god ever paint?
He creates ME, yet pretends to be a saint!

i walk alone! Thorns, they prick my feet!!
will it now & always be only defeat?

my clothes they tear! my hands, they are bare!
somebody protect me from that evil glare!

And again , i bleed! dark i see!
why is it only gloom around me??

i still see the world in black and white;
i still ponder over what is wrong n right!

as i sift through this closing night;
i cannot help but grope for light!!

foolish faith is golden; my eyes full of dream!!
through blood and gore, they still sometimes gleam!!

patience is vain, life is a fight;
i still survive on 'what just might' !

A church's mouse wants to be a queen !!
spare me please , I'm only eighteen!!

strength, i seek!
solace, i seek!
truth, i seek!
sane, i seek!
speech, i seek!

spirit, i seek!!

will the flood ever stoop?
will the sun again warm??

will the heat always scorch?
will the rain ever quench?

is there a glimmer?
will there be silver??
but where will be a bank ?
when there is no river?!

Black, i bleed! dark, i see!!
why is it only gloom around me?
why is it only gloom around me??

About Me

i have little dreams. big dreams. many,many dreams. sparkling dreams. silver-dusted dreams!!:):)