Friday, September 7, 2007

come,fall in love!!

Those of you who have actually been following my blog might have noticed that I deleted a certain post bout getting back to my “ex-HIM”.

All thru the last two years people have warned me bout the heart-wrenching pain that love sometimes causes …n when they did, all I could do was to but scoff at the very notion of the astoundingly beautiful emotion actually hurting me.

I was certain only fools could get hurt in love.
I stupidly convinced myself I wasn’t one….at that time.

At that time, according to me… LOVE was what made the grass green, the sky blue, the birds twitter, the sun dawn!
Love was the very essence of life.

It was the dance in all laughter.
It was the flavour in all fragrance.
It was the chaos in all noise.
It was the poignancy in all silence.
It was the melody in all music.
For some strange reason…at that time…to me …love was what the whole world seemed to work on.

Love is STILL all those things.:)
N much much more.

I don’t want my story…or yours….. to be jus another case of unrequited love.
A sob story bout a helpless female impossibly in love; pining for the guy who forgot to bother to care is the last thing women-dom needs now.:)

Love is a lesson by itself.
It never fails to stun me with its sheer power to turn life on top of its head.

But more importantly… is a GIFT.
It is the only thing in the world that doesn’t involve business.
It is the only thing that remains “unconditional” in every sense of the word.

There’s only ONE way to love and to laugh---insanely; without reason.:)
At the risk of sounding incredibly romantic n utterly stupid…I suggest each one of us try to love like we ve never been hurt before!

Love can fade.
But it NEVER dies.
It always exists around you in some form……fuelled by the sweetest word coined by the English-HOPE.

Sometimes the pain love causes literally slices thru you, cold n cruel.
it travels to corners you never knew existed in you keeps chipping away.
You wanna weep n curse n fume n fight those emotions all at once.

n When that very force lurks right above you n threatens to break on your head….you wanna surrender to the pain; silently succumb to what is obviously more powerful than you are.
I wanted to.
Trust me.

but its only when you pull yourself thru all that you realise you re truly blessed.:)

I loved ‘him’.
With a force that stunned me.
A force that startled me.
A force stronger than anything YOU could’ve possibly witnessed.
N even after all the pain I’m not one bit ashamed of all that.

If I was hurt…..I’m not showing it… I?!

Come, fall in love..!!:)

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