Saturday, December 8, 2007

Black, i bleed! dark, i see!
why is it only gloom around me?

i pretend to smile, all heart n no guile!!
i shut my eyes, somebody roll the dice!!
then unfolds the game, and i lose all hope!!
somebody save me from the blame!! somebody save me from the rope!!

while I'm wading through this neck-deep slush;
i wonder if i will again see a raspberry blush!!

all my dreams, will they crush?
or destiny, will her sweet hands brush?

my life, in colours will god ever paint?
He creates ME, yet pretends to be a saint!

i walk alone! Thorns, they prick my feet!!
will it now & always be only defeat?

my clothes they tear! my hands, they are bare!
somebody protect me from that evil glare!

And again , i bleed! dark i see!
why is it only gloom around me??

i still see the world in black and white;
i still ponder over what is wrong n right!

as i sift through this closing night;
i cannot help but grope for light!!

foolish faith is golden; my eyes full of dream!!
through blood and gore, they still sometimes gleam!!

patience is vain, life is a fight;
i still survive on 'what just might' !

A church's mouse wants to be a queen !!
spare me please , I'm only eighteen!!

strength, i seek!
solace, i seek!
truth, i seek!
sane, i seek!
speech, i seek!

spirit, i seek!!

will the flood ever stoop?
will the sun again warm??

will the heat always scorch?
will the rain ever quench?

is there a glimmer?
will there be silver??
but where will be a bank ?
when there is no river?!

Black, i bleed! dark, i see!!
why is it only gloom around me?
why is it only gloom around me??


mysticsunshine said...
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mogi_Phoenix_LightRider said...

Whatever tis, i do often say this to myself (when sadness seems to spur, n happiness seems to blur) , n hence i say to u:

No matter wat goes wrong, remember that life's beautiful :)
N it'll find a way like a lovely song, to make u feel wonderful!

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