Sunday, October 7, 2007


Strong word…isn’t that?
Memories confuse you.
They can instill sanity.
They can inspire insanity.
They can stimulate hope.
They can crush all faith.
They can shelter.
They can squash.

Why do we sometimes remember what we need to forget, when we need to?
Why do we sometimes overlook the most obvious truths staring right into our faces?

It’s amazing how the stupidest things can rekindle the most poignant memories.
How remembering your happiest moments can depress you is something all of us ask ourselves from time to time.

Why are there times when everything seems to fall perfectly in place?
The grass seems greener, the neighbourhood prettier, the flowers smile up at you n the sun grins brightly.

Why are there times when living itself seems futile?
The blooms look dead, the heat scorches you, laughter sickens n the world points fingers.

But if it were any other way, would you like it?
N would I?

Over a period, life charms you in it’s own quaint way, don u think?:)

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mogi_Phoenix_LightRider said...

Cant agree more!
I must say i ve contemplated the same question sooo many times! N yes d same answer's wat i got : Gotta love life for its quirky randomness n d perfect moments which often occur in alternation! How else would it feel, as well as be, complete? :)

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