Sunday, October 28, 2007

My rainbow world! :)

have you ever wanted to be a kid again?
have you ever wanted to see everything around you in all it's sweet innocence undisturbed?

for the next few minutes, I'm gonna describe to you, my world in COLOURS;in random, vivid images.
n for someone like me, my world, is constituted by my PEOPLE.
the few people, outside my home n family, my life revolves around.

there's ma girl-best friend.
ma best friend in every sense of the word.
you would probably expect the only feminine influence in my life to be soft hues n sweet pinks n cream whites.

she is anything but all that.:)

she is bit of cherry-red n a little steel-blue.
she's the colour of joy. she's the colour of resolve.

she's olive n brown with yellow streaks in between.
she's the colour of strength.
at the same time,she's zip !! she's also zing.!!

she' s is fire n ice n dew,all at once.
she is contradiction personified.:):)

she is just SHE.
n always will be.

then there's the recently discovered myriad of colours, much,much more precious than most.
he's the colour of giving without asking.he is grass green.
he's the colour of brilliance.he's the colour of diamonds.

he's sky blue n fire-red
he's the colour of passion..
he's the colour of obsession.

he's deep purple n maroon.
he's sophistication reborn.

he's the colour of hope n dream.
he is priority.
he's the colour of rain!!:):)

there are also people who manage to influence even when not in close proximity.

there's someone seven seas far away.he's lime-green n deep orange.
he's the colour of humor n frolic n happiness.
he's also soft pink.he's the colours of goodness n friendship.

there's also a plainer mixture of grey n navy.

he's more balanced than he is bland
he's is more substance than he is subdued.
he's off-white n satiny blue.
he's a ready shoulder to lean on.
a ready hand to wipe ma tears away.

then .....there is the most loosely-bound, graphic image I've witnessed in the last seventeen years.

the image of a person who ought not to affect me in least anymore.
the image of a person who sadly, still manages to immensely.
the image of a person who knows he still does affect tremendously.

he's way too many colours.
he embodies complexity.

he's too much murky green n too little red.
he's too much desire n too little passion.

he's charcoal grey n caramel brown.
he's as crass as he is classy.
he's as much confusion as he is pretense.

but for me, he is also the colour of 'care'.
he's the colour of tears.
n more importantly,he's the colour of MEMORY.

n then there is the longing for that special colour swirl.

somewhere, there is a man who is as scarlet as he is silver.
a man who is as common as he is conspicuous.

a man who is lots of black n a little platinum.
someone who's as intriguing as he is obvious.

a man who's the colour of laughter.
a man who's the colour of comfort.
a man who is turquoise blue.

a man who is searing passion yet soft compassion.
a man who is wild aggression yet subtle discretion.

a man who is the sun.
a man who is the stars..

or at least, the DREAM of a man who is all that..
n for me, each dream is gold dust;
is a treasure.:):)

n this is my life through a child's eyes.
this is an abstract explanation of a still young existence.
this is my happiness and my sorrow illustrated.
this is my thrills n my troubles canvased.

this is my world.
this is my pretty, little world.
m colourful, colourful world.

my rainbow world.:):)


mysticsunshine said...
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mogi_Phoenix_LightRider said...

I should say 'My rainbow world' is as Awesome as its subtly introspective! Gives me an insight to how brilliantly u can correlate as well as commemorate your Emotions, through startlingly fresh and stimulating imagery! So i'd like to wish u:

Go on like this, colour the world bright
with hues pretty n precious, to happy hindsight :)

DesertRose said...

Start writing once again.
Your writing adds color to my world. Isn't that reason enough?
Don't let my hazel hues and my flaming red fade away into nothingness. Please continue to inspire.

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